Abergeldie has been a sustainable and successful stalwart of the Australian construction industry since it was first established by its founder and managing director, Michael Boyle, in 1994. Over the years, Abergeldie has developed a reputation for designing and constructing complex and innovative infrastructure works.

Abergeldie’s team of civil engineering professionals utilise leading-edge construction technologies to design and develop complex electrical, marine, rail, tunnel, and wastewater infrastructure, as well as road and bridge construction projects for public and private enterprises.

At the heart of everything Abergeldie does is the company’s intense desire to build strong communities. Each staff member understands that the bridges and vital infrastructure works that they painstakingly undertake help Australians connect with one another and their communities.

Abergeldie’s dam-construction work includes some of the most complex, award-winning water-storage and upgrade projects, with the Civil Contractors Federation repeatedly recognising the exceptional work that Abergeldie completes. Abergeldie is also responsible for rail-associated infrastructure such as access and platform upgrades, overpass bridges, and civil works in Queensland and New South Wales, all built with little disruption to ongoing rail operations.

Additionally, Abergeldie designs and builds temporary bridges, barriers, and fences every year for sporting and recreation events, including the Telstra Sydney 500 V8 Supercar race.

Abergeldie is designing and developing the framework for all sectors of Australian life. As founder and managing director, Michael Boyle understands the importance of Abergeldie’s role in laying the firm foundations for Australia’s growth. The CEO Magazine spoke to Michael about how he and his team are working to ensure that this growth, both for Australia and Abergeldie, is savvy and sustainable.