"“During my time with CB&I, I have been assigned corporate and project roles, which are both diverse and challenging in their own way,"” Michael says. "“Within the corporate field, not only did it allow me to build strong relationships with the executive management team and business leaders in the industry, but it also enabled me to obtain a wider view of the company as a whole. I have successfully been able to apply this internal knowledge on the ground when assigned to projects, which has been reflected in various CB&I awards received, including the Excellence in Magnitude Award, the Health and Safety Award of Excellence, and the Global Leadership Award."”

Since 1889, CB&I employees have provided reliable solutions while maintaining a focus on safety. Today, CB&I continues the legacy of excellence with a unique business model that offers complete solutions to customers around the world.

"“I started my career working as a field engineer in hydroelectric construction in the United States,"” Michael tells us. "“I then moved on to various projects with CB&I across the globe, including an LNG project in Europe, an LNG project in South America, the Woodside-operated North West Shelf project in Australia, Director of Operations for Asia–Pacific region, and the Isle of Grain LNG project in the United Kingdom."”