After working for most of his career in the travel and hospitality sector, Dominic O’Reilly understood the market and what customers wanted. What they wanted was a credit-based travel and leisure system to make holidaying easier, which led to his founding of Eze Group. Today he is CEO of the group, which continues to grow and offer new services to its clients.

The CEO Magazine: What was the idea behind forming Eze Group?

Dominic: The idea behind forming Eze Group was that I had worked in hospitality and leisure for some time, and back in 2003 I noticed that the market was getting more and more restrictive from a consumer’s point of availability. I had a background in the Canary Islands with the timeshare world in the 1980s, and that was a wonderful way for people to afford a holiday of a certain standard and a level that probably would come only with a whole ownership purchase.

The marketplace changed, and having a lot of experience firsthand with clients I found that clients wanted to experience Europe on a bigger scale, they wanted to enjoy a higher standard, and the hotel and leisure industry was moving to these demands. And I thought, ‘Well, why don’t I look at providing some kind of hospitality and leisure vehicle that would enable them to do all of this?’, and the EZE group was born.