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Jon Ellery

Photo of Jon Ellery - MD of Marshall Amplification

The sound and look of a piece of equipment from Marshall Amplification is recognisable the world over. The British brand, established by Jim Marshall in 1962, has been an icon for more than five decades. It remains a leader in the industry thanks to a core mix of dedication, innovation, and passion.

The CEO Magazine spoke to Managing Director Jon Ellery to find out how Marshall Amplification is still making waves in the music industry after so many years. Jon joined the company in 1993 as the IT Manager and quickly moved his way through the ranks.

The CEO Magazine: What did you perceive to be your purpose in the organisation when you were appointed to the role of managing director?

Jon: The thing about Marshall Amplification is that it will always be Jim Marshall and what he stood for. It will always be that signature on the front of the product that people are familiar with. People see that logo and just get it—they understand it.

It’s a very cool brand and my job is to protect that brand. I am the custodian and the manager of that brand so I have to make sure that everything we do as an organisation never damages it.


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