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Michael Ephraim

Photo of Michael Ephraim - CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment ANZ

When the Australian and New Zealand division of Sony Computer Entertainment was established more than 20 years ago, Michael Ephraim was chosen as its capable leader. With a vast range of industry experience at Virgin Home Video and SEGA OziSoft, Michael was headhunted by Sony to lead its new arm.

With widespread and far-reaching technological changes in the industry, from digital to multimedia and mobile device integration, Michael and his team have had to work hard to stay abreast of consistent technological innovation and shifting consumer demands.

The CEO Magazine sat down with Michael to discuss the shifts that have fuelled the games industry and the shifts that Sony Computer Entertainment has sparked.

The CEO Magazine: Over the two decades that you’ve been at Sony, how have you seen technology and Sony shift as the market evolves?

Michael: The shifts in the past two decades have been seismic! PlayStation has played a major role in the changes, and I’’ve had the absolute pleasure of being part of the journey from the very beginning.

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