Adrian Stewart, PIMCO’s Head of Australia and Executive Vice President, has been in the financial services industry for more than two decades, most recently with the Macquarie Group for seven years. He joined PIMCO in mid 2014 and has set about continuing its success with his client-driven and collaborative approach, which draws on the organisation’s global network.

The CEO Magazine sat down with Adrian to find out how his early years have influenced his leadership style, what he has been focusing on since joining PIMCO, and the benefits of being part of a worldwide group.

The CEO Magazine: How have your past experiences shaped the way you lead your team at PIMCO today?

Adrian: When I think about my leadership style and my attributes, I actually think that, more broadly, my life outside of my professional career has probably contributed to it in more ways. I do think that to be a good leader, the more self-aware you are and the more in touch with your drivers and motivations you are, whether they’re enablers or inhibitors, then the better you will be.