Chris Brown has enjoyed an illustrious career in investment banking, working for UBS in Sydney and New York. His professional journey has seen him work with the likes of Matthew Grounds, Anthony Sweetman, and iconic investment banker Ken Moelis. Having gained a wealth of knowledge throughout his tenure with UBS, he joined Dixon Advisory as Managing Director, Strategy, in 2008. As COO and now Managing Director and CEO, Chris has been instrumental in the growth and management of the company.

"Dixon Advisory was founded by our executive chairman Daryl Dixon in 1986. The firm has advised nearly 20,000 Australians, of which about 8,700—with 4,500 self-managed super funds—have an ongoing relationship with us via our SMSF service. When Daryl started the business, its primary function was the provision of fee-for-service financial advice, whereby people sought specific financial advice every few years, depending on their situation. Many of our current clients have been with us since the company’s inception, and many others have joined us along the way. It’s a diverse array of people who’ve taken a positive step and decided, ‘I want to get involved with my life savings. I want to take ownership over my financial future’. It’s an intelligent client base that is fundamentally proactive; they’re not being led into an investment product. It’s people who are motivated by the desire to be secure and self-funded in their retirement".

"Daryl's son, Alan Dixon, joined the company in 2001, and since that time the company has grown significantly. Alan’s philosophy, and the philosophy of the staff we aim to attract, is a simple one: only provide advice to clients that we would want to follow ourselves. That’s the acid test for us".