CEO of Lifebroker Chris Eade founded the company after gaining eight years of financial experience. The first iteration of Lifebroker started in the late 1990s and formally launched in June 2003, expanding to replace the diminishing number of door-to-door insurance salespeople and the proliferation of online business. Chris has grown the company from a tiny three-person operation to a national company with more than 75 staff. Lifebroker is focused on providing customers with the best policy at the lowest premium, dealing and comparing thousands of policy combinations from 11 life insurance companies.

"When you've got a small company, you know everybody backwards; you know all the staff well and it’s like a little family. You get along really well and everybody knows where you're going and the broad strategy and vision. But once you grow, that changes. That’s probably the biggest transition that every company has to go through".

"The next challenge is choosing the right times to get all of the support services around the company, like marketing, finance, and HR. You have to address questions of when you hire and at what point you need them and pick your right points".