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Connie Mckeage

Photo of Connie Mckeage - CEO of OneVue

OneVue CEO Connie Mckeage is passionate about changing the face of superannuation to benefit the investor and to defy a model that has been dominated by an oligopoly for the past 15 years. Since taking on the leadership position in 2008, she has overseen the strategic vision for the company and worked to deliver sustainable growth organically and through acquisitions.

“”I think it’’s time we understood that those hanging onto the past are playing yesterday’’s game,”” she explains. “It is a different market now, a different expectation, and a different understanding. I think it’’s time we woke up to ourselves and said that this kind of patriarchal way of ‘do as I say’ is gone.

“”When you invest in superannuation, don’t’ you think you have a right to decide where you put your money and if you get help? You want to know what is happening with it. That is not how things have been operating. ‘Give me your money. I will put it in some bank platform; it is going to end up going mostly into their product because I get an extra incentive if I do that’. What kind of environment have we created?””

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