Superannuation is an industry riddled with challenges. From its increasing federal legislation to the skews in age demographics that could have an adverse impact on the future, super is a financial subsector that is often spoken about but rarely understood. However, all the technical terminology and government interference doesn’t detract from the simple fact that superannuation is a service industry and like any good service: understanding the customer’s needs is paramount to success.

Mercer Managing Director and Market Leader for the Pacific David Anderson has never lost this customer focus, and one of his greatest passions is helping clients realise their wealth potential. He finds fulfilment in his position by collaborating with his passionate team to assist people in saving for their future as well as making a difference to their financial wellbeing.

"I spent 11 and a half years at the AMP Group before I was asked to come and join Mercer. When I joined Mercer I said to my wife, "I've got some goals for three years and I might stay as long as five, but I’m never staying anywhere for 12 years again," but this is my fifteenth year with Mercer, which was sort of unexpected. I started professional life in an administration role at AMP. I joined a small team which organised small endowment superannuation plans for executives and what they used to call ‘key-man arrangements' for their directors and officers".