Nitrogénmüvek Vegyipari Zrt is a unique and prominent player in the European market. As the only company in Hungary which produces ammonia, nitric acid, and nitrogen fertilisers, Nitrogénmüvek has enjoyed substantial success over the past eight decades with a current turnover of €400 million.

Dr István Blazsek, CEO and General Manager of Nitrogénmüvek, shared his thoughts with The CEO Magazine on how Nitrogénmüvek has continuously invested in its products and facilities.

The CEO Magazine: How has your career led you to your current position?

István: I am a university-educated chemical engineer with more than 40 years’ experience in the industry. I joined Nitrogénmüvek more than 40 years ago and I’ve been in different positions throughout the company. I started as a shift engineer and then I was plant manager and factory manager. In 1992, I became deputy technical general manager and in November 2006 I became the general manager or CEO of Nitrogénmüvek. I also have a diploma from the Economics Sciences University of Budapest; that’s my second degree.