As the largest customer-owned bank in Australia, Heritage Bank understands the power of its people. CEO John Minz is just one of Heritage Bank’s loyal, long-term employees. John recently spoke with The CEO Magazine about the drastic transformation both Heritage Bank and the Australian banking industry have experienced in recent years.

“Joining Heritage Bank in 1993 I’ve seen a dramatic shift over those 20 years. Heritage used to be a straight mortgage lender with basic deposit products, limited geographic distribution, and some insurance products.

The banking industry has now moved to the point where if you want to be part of the industry you have to have the full suite of products. I’ve seen the shift in the channels from face to face through to voice, online, and mobile. We’re now seeing the integration of those channels, and the ways in which we distribute our products and services to our customers, changing dramatically from 20 years ago.

The big issue is the fast-paced rate of change, because you never actually catch up. You do whatever you can to provide excellence in products, services, and access, and you understand that your customers’ needs continually shift” stated John.