As the only nationally operating super fund dedicated to regional and rural Australia, Prime Super is engaging and connecting with local communities across the country. With almost 20 years’' experience, 140,000 members, and more than $1.2 billion in fund's under management, Prime Super is a prominent player in the Australian market.

For more than nine years as CEO of Prime Super, Lachlan Baird has worked with his staff to ensure the fund’s members and employers receive simple and straightforward products and services. Lachlan discussed the evolution of Prime Super with The CEO Magazine.

“"Our initial focus was to clearly define our niche in the superannuation marketplace and ensure that the product we have meets the needs of our members, without overcomplication. The entire superannuation environment has been growing and evolving, and that in itself has led to many changes internally."

“"Governments keep looking at the growing superannuation pool and the potential risk surrounding that pool, leading to an increasing amount of regulation and change. That leads to the evolution and the growth of the fund itself. Then we also have to look at what we need to do to grow and evolve and keep ourselves at a level where there are significant opportunities for the fund and not lose touch with the general marketplace.”"