From small beginnings in 1993 with a fertiliser wholesale trade and just four employees, Agrofert has grown exponentially to be a leading player in a variety of different market segments. It is the largest Czech and Slovak agriculture and food group, the largest Czech private employer with more than 34,000 employees worldwide, and the second-largest chemical group in the Czech Republic.

Agrofert works primarily with agricultural commodities, foods, pesticides, chemicals, raw materials, and fuels. It is based in the Czech Republic but also has production facilities in Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, and China, and has trading operations in many more countries.

Libor Nemecek is the Director of Mergers and Acquisitions and Finance and also sits on the board. He joined Agrofert in 2008 and prior to that managed the investment banking and corporate finance of Citigroup in the Czech Republic.

Libor says there are a number of elements that have enabled Agrofert to reach the level of success it has achieved over the past two decades. These include concentrating on acquisitions, creating vertical production chains, and building long-term business relationships.