For Lynn Kraus, there has never been a more exciting time to be in business. She has long been an advocate for diversity, passionate about innovation and creative thinking, and inspired by entrepreneurs who are willing to take chances and disrupt businesses. For her, the current global business ecosystem is full of opportunities and possibilities. She talks to The CEO Magazine about some highlights.

The CEO Magazine: As a part of the AICC’s Leadership in Focus series, can you tell us a little bit about your relationship with the AICC — as well as how you started out with the Chamber?

Lynn: EY has had a longstanding relationship with the Chamber. For us, it’s a great networking opportunity to be in those forums with other executives. We have previously had representation on the board at AICC, and we’ve also participated in trade missions to Israel. Across our different offices around the country, we’ve been delighted to host events and forums.

Just last week,we were happy to co-sponsor the Women of Distinction lunch. It’s been a longstanding, wonderful relationship for us.

You have a passion for diversity, inclusiveness, and developing female leadership at EY. What could the professional services sector be doing more of to encourage equality in the industry?

I think our role in professional services is to lead by example. We are in a really fortunate position in that we are able to interact and connect with clients across all industries, across government, across the top end of town, as well as the start-up space. By continuing to make sure the teams that deliver to our clients are diverse, we can not only give our clients the best innovative thinking that we have, but we can continue to challenge the status quo around diversity.