In the world of online trading, CMC Markets is a well-known player, with the company setting the standards for groundbreaking trading platforms, dedicated customer service, and well-established expertise. Matthew Lewis, CEO of CMC Markets Asia Pacific, spoke to The CEO Magazine about the upward trajectory that has seen the company develop a unique proposition for the savvy active trader.

The CEO Magazine: First off, can you give our readers a brief overview of your professional background?

Matthew: I studied economics at Sydney University, and while I was studying I worked as a night auditor at a five-star hotel. For me, apart from realising that things aren’'t as luxurious behind the scenes of a hotel, the experience gave me an early insight into what good service really means.

I always had a keen interest in financial markets. I started off my financial career with the Commonwealth Bank and was there for around five years. It really gave me my first taste of and passion for derivatives, and if anything I look back at that as my apprenticeship, so to speak.

My next move came following the discovery of CMC Markets at a trade show. I liked the company'’s product range and became intrigued after speaking with one of their traders. The next week, I jumped ship from what was Australia'’s biggest bank to the private company of CMC Markets. At the time, in 2005, CMC Markets had only just launched in Australia. It had 15 employees and was a privately owned English company.