ABnote Group (Australasia) Pty Ltd is behind everything from chequebooks and credit cards to drivers’ licences and mail houses and is entrusted by its customers throughout Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. It is a business that provides a wide range of multichannel physical, digital, and mobile solutions for the retail, financial, government, hospitality, transit, telco, and education markets. However, ABnote’s work is often done behind the scenes and goes unnoticed. Anyone who has ever interacted with a financial institution or used a smartphone to make a payment is likely to have taken advantage of an ABnote service without even knowing it.

Nicholas Ficinus is a CEO with a background in finance who joined ABnote more than a decade ago. He has an accounting degree and worked in the B2B arena before starting with Leigh Mardon, the business that was bought out by ABnote in 1996. “"After serving in many financially based roles, I decided that I would like to take a more operationally focused role, hence a role was created to manage supply chain. I really got a taste for business within that role, and this motivated me to move into general management. A few years later, the CEO role was vacant and I jumped at the top job opportunity."”