When Australian Financial Advisers (AFA) founder and executive director Paul Betti left high school, he wrote in his yearbook that he wanted to be happy and to be successful at what he does. Decades down the line, this same philosophy— that life is about ‘‘more than just money' ’—imbues AFA’s commitment to helping its clients achieve their lifestyle goals by delivering financial independence and security.

“A bunch of circumstances pointed me in this direction,” Paul says. “When I was studying surveying at 20 years of age, I found that it wasn’'t what I wanted to do. I decided that if I wanted to accomplish my goal of being happy and successful, I would have to explore other avenues. I joined a company called MLC in February 1986, on my twenty-first birthday. Later that year, I was given my letter of appointment and became a young and flourishing insurance agent.”

For Paul, it was a job that turned into a career. “I was blessed enough to have some talent in what I was doing, so within one year of getting my own agency, I was doing enough business that I ended up putting on staff. "I was then advised by my accountant to incorporate and set up a company, so by the time I was 22 it had become Paul Betti and Associates.”"