In the complex superannuation industry, Local Government Super is determined to simplify the super process for its members. With a culture that focuses on collaboration and service, Local Government Super has been attracting and retaining loyal members, partners, and stakeholders for years.

Peter Lambert, CEO of Local Government Super, recently spoke to The CEO Magazine about the evolution of the fund over the past few years and where it’'s going in the future.

The CEO Magazine: What led you to your current position?

Peter: I started in the industry in 1980, part way through a business degree, and more or less fell into superannuation. I joined at a time when the industry was on the cusp of some amazing growth. I worked for a number of life insurance companies and consulting firms, largely in the administration area. I would say my first significant role was in the mid 90s with MLC as a consultant in their corporate superannuation area, consulting to organisations that had an in-house super fund, which by and large have now been merged into master trusts or industry funds.

In 1993, I left MLC and joined Goodman Fielder as their superannuation manager, so for the first time I stepped inside an organisation, rather than working as a supplier of services. I held that role for 10 years, and it was a very interesting period when they bought and sold a number of companies, each with superannuation implications.