Established in 2001 by five principals who had previously worked together at National Asset Management, SG Hiscock & Company has grown significantly over the years to become a high-performing and reputable investment firm.

Managing director Stephen Hiscock was one of the original founders and says that, thanks to the combined knowledge and expertise of the team, the company has been able to achieve great success in the Australian marketplace.

“We started off by internally seeding the funds with a couple of million dollars which was collectively provided by the principals,” Stephen notes. “From very early on, we were incredibly fortunate that Equity Trustees came in and supported us with their small companies fund. They gave us the management of that fund pretty much within the first month or two of us starting up, and so we were very lucky to have that opportunity. That is why our relationship with Equity Trustees today has got a special flavour to us. They were our very first client and they are obviously still with us now. They are also involved in distribution to the financial planning networks and investment platforms. That’s really been a true collaboration since those early days. We have now grown from the initial seeding of a couple of million dollars up to AU$2.2 billion and we have literally got thousands of clients.”