Strong standards and values form the foundations of Thomas Foods International’s consistent success and development. With roots reaching back to 1988, the company has flourished under a philosophy that focuses on its heritage, its family values, and its dedication to quality. Today, Thomas Foods boasts an annual revenue well in excess of $1.3 billion and employs more than 2,000 employees across its South Australian, New South Wales, and Queensland operations.

As Australia’s largest 100-per-cent, family-owned meat-processing company, Thomas Foods has been guided by the careful hand of its founder and owner Chris Thomas, who provides the essential leadership and vision that form the core of this exceptional company. Taking up the family business, Chris’s son Darren leads Thomas Foods as its CEO and drives the company’s growth.

This growth will see Thomas Foods become a prominent player in the global market. Notwithstanding this bright future, the company and its leaders are determined to remember and respect its South Australian roots and the foundations of its success. Additionally, while an ambitious program of innovation and invention is implemented within the core of Thomas Foods, the executive team is ensuring that they never lose sight of their exacting quality and efficiency standards.

One member of the Thomas Foods’ team is David McKay, Group Director of Operations, who has held the role for five years. David has watched the company grow in recent years as it marries sustainable development with impressive results. He believes that Thomas Foods’ ability to continually diversify its product range and remain ahead of market trends has ensured its consistent success. However, David says, they’re not resting on their laurels.