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Jean-Luc Grisot

Photo of Jean-Luc Grisot  - CEO of Valrhon

In the small French town of Tain-l’Hermitage, a one-hour drive south of Lyon, Valrhona produces premium chocolate products that are used by some of the best chefs, artisans, providores, restaurateurs and chocolatiers across the globe. The luxury brand is passionate about working collaboratively with its people while ensuring its practices are ethical and sustainable.

Jean-Luc Grisot, CEO of Valrhona, has been with the business for 14 years and is highly familiar with all stages of the chocolate manufacturing process. He says his philosophy is, firstly, to always look after his employees to achieve success. ““I think the big difference between one company and another is the motivation and the commitment of their employees,”” he explains. “”Our company is very committed and very passionate because we take the time to explain our vision to our staff and where we want to go. We have a lot of moments where we share the vision.”” One such moment is when production comes to a halt for one day each year in order for everyone in the Valrhona team to come together and listen, in detail, to what is currently happening within the business. They can then provide feedback and suggestions. ““I think the true key of success is the commitment of the employees. I am extremely confident about our future because I have a lot of confidence in the employees of Valrhona, at all levels of the business.””

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