Nestlé is a huge name in the food industry with a product range including household brands such as Nesquick, Nescafé, Kit Kat, and Maggi. The business is building a strong presence and reputation in the northern Adriatic region, under the leadership of Miljenko Vaić, Country Manager for Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Miljenko spoke to The CEO Magazine about Nestlé'’s huge potential in the regions of Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the strategies it is implementing to achieve success, and why it has made a commitment to stringent quality standards.

The CEO Magazine: What is Nestlé’'s strategy for the northern Adriatic area, and how will it work to overcome any challenges that might arise?

Miljenko: First of all, the individual countries in the Adriatic region are all very small. Slovenia has a little bit more than two million people, while Croatia and Bosnia have around four million people each. So in total, those three countries have roughly 10 million people. Then you look at the consumer industry and, to a certain extent, the number of consumers is determining the size of the market. In this respect, the sum of these three countries is, let’'s say, the size of the consumer base in the Czech Republic in terms of the number of consumers that we have.