The Wine Society has been educating, engaging, and listening to Australian wine-lovers since 1946, and its dedicated staff have upheld that core mission over the decades. As the company continues to evolve in the coming years, CEO Peter Wheatley will keep this mission at the heart of everything he and his team achieve. Peter recently revealed his plans to The CEO Magazine as The Wine Society embarks on a series of significant transformations.

The CEO Magazine: As Australia’s oldest wine club, how have you protected the legacy and heritage of The Wine Society?

Peter: The wine club was first formed in 1946 by Dr Gilbert Philips as a consumer cooperative. Starting from humble beginnings, the mission for The Wine Society has been to provide a means by which its members can gain access to quality wine at a good price. Over the ensuing years, we’'ve centred our entire business model on that philosophy.

It’s often said that ‘life is too short to drink bad wine’, and that’'s something that we definitely believe in. We offer a great quality assurance to our members, and it’'s much more than just a money-back guarantee. Our tasting panel vets every single wine before it'’s even offered to members.