Every Australian child knows Weet-Bix, the iconic breakfast cereal from Sanitarium, a company that is more than 116 years old and whose aim is to create healthy, affordable food for all Australians. Todd Saunders is the general manager of Sanitarium, and is a complete believer in the company’'s ethos.

Todd started his successful career with the company in his early twenties. “"I'’m an accountant by profession, and I actually started my career at Sanitarium back in the 1990s. I moved around in manufacturing and distribution and then became the company’'s youngest finance manager —I think I was 27 years old— and then the youngest CFO at 29."

"“I then went out on my own. I was a management consultant largely working in mergers and acquisitions with smaller listed companies, private equity, and venture capital funds. In 2009, I came back to Sanitarium as their strategy and development manager. In 2011, I was promoted to Sanitarium general manager for Australia.”"