Ballarat is currently in the midst of significant population growth. As the third-largest regional centre in Victoria with just over 100,000 residents, it expects to continue to hold that position with a forecast growth of 2.1 per cent over the next 10 years. Anthony Schinck is CEO of the City of Ballarat— the ‘regional capital’ during this exciting period of change. He says interesting times are ahead, with many projects in the works to better support the community now and in the future.

“"The City of Ballarat is here to make a place for people to live their whole life,”" he says. "“We need to be able to manage the growth we are experiencing in the regional setting. It’'s not just about the hard infrastructure; it'’s also about the suite of social infrastructure we put in place. We need to think about what we are doing to continue to develop and leverage up our local economy; where we are going in terms of the regional role that City of Ballarat plays; and what are we doing that has state-wide importance, while at the same time retaining our key lifestyle advantages."