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John Merritt

Photo of John Merritt - CEO of VicRoads

For more than 100 years, VicRoads has been planning, developing, and managing the Victorian arterial road network, delivering safety initiatives, and providing customers with registration and licensing services. The state government organisation knows that its job is to enhance people’’s lives, and therefore it makes it a priority to listen to their feedback for the betterment of the communities it serves.

John Merritt has been leading VicRoads as CEO for just over 12 months. This is his third government role, a sector he feels extremely passionate about. ““I think these public organisations are such a privilege to run,”” he says. “”You are able to make a big impact on the town in which you live, and you get to actually have a say in your local community through this work. Furthermore, you get to be surrounded by people who share that same desire.: In many ways, the task is simply to ask, “‘How do you get all of that ability and all of that care and throw it at the enormous challenges that we face to make our communities thrive?”’

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