Winning the Lotto is the dream of pretty much everyone other than the super-rich; families dream of holidays they could take, or mortgages they could pay off with the money won. Many advertisements and marketing for lotteries from across the world highlight these dreams, showing scenes of family happiness free from financial stress, with slogans like ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ and ‘win the life you deserve’.

Because of this, it’s no surprise that many of us wonder about how lottery organisations operate behind the scenes and what the future may hold with the advent of online gaming and digital disruption. Lotto New Zealand is the Crown-owned entity that runs the weekly lottery in New Zealand, the Keno game, and a variety of instant scratchcards.

The company’s profits go straight back into the New Zealand community, supporting local sports and volunteer organisations, and the staff get to change the lives of New Zealanders on a weekly basis, when they present cheques to those who win large amounts of money.

But what is it like to work for what seems like a dream organisation?