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Dag Pettersen

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Having too much omega-6 and not enough omega-3 in your diet can be detrimental to your health, and striking the right balance of these essential fatty acids can be difficult. Zinzino has come up with a solution. Its Balance Initiative, which it runs in partnership with Bioactive Foods of Norway, offers customers a simple way of discovering which one they need more or less of. The BalanceTest includes a home sample collection kit which is sent to a certified laboratory for analysis. Once the results are released back to the customer, they are able to see exactly what their levels are, and can subsequently adjust their intake of omega-3 and -6 to suit. To support this test, Zinzino then offers a complete range of complementary products, such as oils and capsules, to help consumers achieve their recommended levels.

BalanceTest helps people adjust to optimal intake of omega-3 and -6

Dag Pettersen, CEO of Zinzino, says the test is proving extremely popular in the northern European and American markets. “It is making a big difference to people’s lives. It’s amazing. So far we have analysed the omega-3 and -6 levels of approximately 145,000 people, and we now have a database of that information so that we know exactly how the figures differ from country to country, and from market to market. This helps us when developing the supporting products for each geographic area.”

Zinzino was founded in 2005 with the motto that it would ‘aspire to inspire the health and wealth of all people’. Headquartered in Sweden, its core products are developed in-house and are all backed by science, predominantly in the field of promoting the healthy consumption of essential fatty acids. Its distribution model takes a direct sales approach and this adds a personal touch, with customer introductions to Zinzino made in one-on-one, group, or home party settings. Over the past decade, Zinzino has been able to build up its robust network of independent partners to expand its reach and spread the word about its life-enhancing products.

Shooting for sustainable growth

Dag has been with the company for more than five years, during which time he has seen the business grow significantly. “It’s been a great journey,” he says. “There are lot of companies out there that are growing quickly but I am pleased to say that our growth has always been sustainable. We are able to give money back to our shareholders and still invest in our future. Today we have our own factory and we develop our own products, whereas in the past we operated as a re-seller for other companies. I am eager to continue this positive growth trajectory that we are currently on; it’s one of the keystones of our company. Growth is in our DNA, and with it comes advantages, such as the ability to offer better prices and work on a greater scale.”

Zinzino’s current focus is on geographic expansion and the development of new products. “We are in the process of fulfilling our visions in these areas and this will set us up for success in the future,” Dag shares. “We need to grow and do whatever it takes to make that happen. Three years ago, we launched Zinzino in the US and earlier this year we moved into Germany. That’s been a good start. The next step is to be present in every country within the European Union, adding an additional eighteen countries to the fourteen that we currently have.

Innovative product development

“Product development is another big thing for us. Our latest innovation is an oil of essential fatty acids derived from fish, which is mixed into water and tastes like lemon. There isn’t any fishy aftertaste at all. That will be the next big thing for us; it’s a great breakthrough and we are very proud of it.”

Dag says he is passionate about R&D and recognises that in order to deliver the most effective products to customers, his team and direct sales partners need to receive an adequate amount of training and education. It’s a complex part of the business and therefore requires ample attention, he notes. “We have to prioritise training in the field, making sure we have the right marketing materials, that we use the right wording on our products, and that we don’t over-promise on anything.

“It’s about working out how twenty-five or so different things fit perfectly together. Much like a beautifully made Swiss watch, if its design lacks just one thing then it might not work. For us the pricing, marketing, training, product and marketing prices, and our competitors all have to be carefully considered during the product development stage. I’m really happy that we have a good staff base internally because that helps a lot. We have established a great work ethic right across the organisation and everyone understands the role they play in Zinzino’s success.”

Open and informal company culture

The company culture is open and informal, with employees encouraged to speak up when they have an idea or some feedback. There is a willingness to accept change and transparency among all staff members. “We are always striving for something better,” Dag continues. “I am never afraid of changing anything for the betterment of the business. I never want to settle. If something needs to be changed, we do it straight away.”

When Dag stepped into the executive position he introduced a major strategy to guide the company forward. Each year this plan is re-evaluated to ensure it remains relevant, and action points are developed to see out the next couple of years. “I am extremely focused on strategy,” Dag says. “It’s something we are fulfilling and accomplishing every day. In almost every presentation I do, I talk about the strategy and the associated action points.

“For 2016, opening new markets is the first action point. The second is developing new products. We have already launched one new product this year and we are set to launch

two more. I’m trying to build up the company culture around this strategy; I’ve been hammering home the importance of it for the past five years. Everyone can see what we are accomplishing and that I, as the CEO, am keeping my word.”

Zinzino’s overarching vision is to inspire change in life. The company wants to disseminate this philosophy to as many people as it can, and it is well on its way to achieving its target of reaching 1 million customers before 2020 comes around.

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