CHIREC, or the Centre Hospitalier Interrégional Edith Cavell, is dedicated to delivering the best patient care possible through leading-edge technologies and passionate personnel. As a group of five hospital sites and one medical centre, CHIREC offers treatments in every medical and surgical discipline, with the exception of cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology.

As a devoted hospital organisation, CHIREC places vital importance on providing high-quality private medicine based on a personal approach, respecting the patient's freedom of choice, and offering transparent tariffs. It’s a multidisciplinary, patient-centred organisation that prides itself on putting the patient and their health first in every manner, aiming to meet the majority of its patients’ needs and facilitating access to specialist doctors.

To aid its people in this endeavour, CHIREC partners with leading universities and learning centres to foster innovation and collaboration. As a leading centre with a clear scientific character, CHIREC encourages its competent and motivated staff to engage in a large number of innovative projects and continual training programs.

With complementary, multidisciplinary teams, CHIREC ensures that its people utilise their wide-ranging skills and deliver the finest treatment. CHIREC believes that a therapeutic approach, built on close contact between these teams and chosen specialists, is the best way to serve and treat their patients, with this high level of communication with specialists maintained throughout treatment. These personal relationships allow CHIREC to better serve their patients and ensure that they avoid any unnecessary waiting lists or delays.

Dr Jacques de Toeuf has been leading CHIREC as General Medical Director for a decade and has recently retired from the position. Before his role at CHIREC, Jacques held a number of positions in the medical field, both on the surgical and administrative sides.