With a focus on a positive corporate culture, R&D, and operational excellence, Boehringer Ingelheim has all the foundations right for a successful future. The CEO Magazine spoke to CEO Franz Zinsberger about how the pharmaceutical giant is adding value to its varied customer base.

The CEO Magazine: What core values are paramount to the Boehringer Ingelheim workplace culture?

Our leading values are respect, trust, empathy and passion. But having these words on posters and banners is not enough. It is fundamentally important to invest in measuring how values are lived in the day-to-day business, and in maintaining and improving the values, particularly in times of change.

As we went through an organisational change last year, we started a dedicated initiative, looking at how our values are perceived and lived by employees, how they match with the individual’s own values, and what we’re aiming for in future. The initiative involves all employees and is therefore highly recognised by employees. We are aware that driving the culture of a company is not a three- or six-month project, it is a long-term process.

How does the business invest in the training and development of staff and instill this aforementioned culture?

We like to think that Boehringer Ingelheim is a very caring company that consider people as the one most important asset. As you might know, Boehringer Ingelheim is an independent, family-owned company and our company values very much reflect this. I often hear from people that they feel they are part of one big family, and it is amazing to see that our values are very strong everywhere around the world.