When George founded The iQ Group, his aim was to assist biotechnology companies to engage in distinctive, lasting, and innovative drug-discovery research. George set out to “"build a great company that attracts, develops, and retains exceptional people who are passionate about being at the forefront of innovation.”" With a background in nuclear medicine, George worked in Europe for some time before creating his first biotechnology company in 1995. "“I'’m a radiation immunologist by background, and early on in my career, while in Europe, I created a biotech company called Antisoma SA."

"“Antisoma SA eventually evolved into The Bionuclear Group SA, which became an integrated healthcare company with a global outreach, headquartered in Europe. The group was focused on peptide labelled radiopharmaceutical research and development, reference pathology clinics, development of point-of-care tests, and end-stage renal disease dialysis clinics."

“"It was this commercial experience that brought me to a realisation— the biotech industry required a dedicated corporate finance and investment banking platform that would understand discovery-stage and preclinical drug development early in the process, providing strategically placed capital that would enable the scientists to focus on what they do best —research and discovery. So when I repatriated, it became my objective to create an enterprise that would enable the biotech sector to bridge capital investment with academic research."