In the early 1970s, Monash IVF was responsible for the world’s first IVF pregnancy. Today, the fertility-care provider boasts a number of Australian and world firsts and has helped thousands of couples conceive.

James Thiedeman, Group CEO of Healthbridge IVF, the parent company of Monash IVF, has been leading the organisation since 2009. James recently spoke to The CEO Magazine about Monash IVF’s prestigious pedigree, its relationships with customers and partners, and his plans for further expansion into South-East Asia.

“I’m lucky enough to have spent the past 25 years in healthcare. It’s your clichéd mailroom-to-boardroom-type story, or perhaps more accurately operating room to boardroom. I started my career in healthcare as an assistant in nursing in the operating theatres at what was The Holy Spirit Hospital in Brisbane. That gave me quite an interesting insight into the day-to-day machinations of a very large private hospital” states James.