Dürr Dental has been setting standards in the dental medicine sector for more than seven decades, working with trusted partners and medical professionals to provide the best technology and care to patients around the world.

Martin Dürrstein, CEO of Dürr Dental AG, which is located in Bietigheim-Bissingen in Germany, is the third generation to lead this successful family business. He recently spoke to The CEO Magazine about the company’s heritage, its global market-leading position, and its plans for growth.

The CEO Magazine: With roots dating back to 1941, how has the strong family background of Dürr Dental played a part in ensuring its success?

Martin: We’ve been a family business from day one. The two brothers, Karl and Wilhelm Dürr, founded the company, and I think one of our core values, which the company has always had, is a high-quality dialogue. You have to have strong communication when two family members own half and the other family members own the other half.

This core, long-term value of the company for good-quality discussions around what is the right way forward and the right step to take is part of our culture and DNA. We don’t pay much attention to hierarchies or who is telling whom what to do. It’s more an open discussion and the better argument wins.