Nathalie Coppola, Managing Director of Nutrimetics Australia and New Zealand, started her career with a major advertising agency in France. Next, she worked for Avon across a variety of roles throughout Europe. Nathalie then took on roles in Germany, Spain, and Italy, returning to France in 2008 to take on the position of managing director, Nutrimetics France, where she doubled the company’'s sales force.

"“It was a very strategic action plan because when I started in France, as the average age in the field was very high, it was critical for us to engage younger employees, with the opportunity to have established people mentor and train them. It was really about sharing our vision to increase sales and management in the company."

“"Our success was step by step, beginning with the first step of sharing our vision. It was imperative to attract young people, ensuring they knew they could have a great career with us. The second and third years were really easy to manage, as once people were aware they could be young and successful with Nutrimetics, we attracted many young people.”"