One of the modern quandaries of our time is how we can equip the country to best deal with the ageing population and the complex issues and requirements that come with that. As a larger percentage of the population is increasingly reliant on medical treatments and pharmaceuticals to have quality of life in older age, the importance of an affordable world-class health system grows.

In this market, where there is a wealth of competition, many of the health insurance providers seem to be big corporations with little connection to their members. CBHS is different; originally established by the Commonwealth Bank to ensure its employees had access to cost-effective, quality health care, its guiding principles are the same today as they were over 60 years ago when it was founded. While completely independent today, it is still a restricted fund— only current and former Commonwealth Bank Group employees and their family members can join. This, according to CEO Paul Gladman, is one of the things that sets CBHS apart from its larger competitors. "The big difference I see with CBHS versus a number of larger competitors is our affinity with our members,"” Paul says.