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Radek Sali

Photo of Radek Sali - CEO of Swisse Wellness

Swisse Wellness isn’t your average company. It doesn’t just sell products to address particular health concerns; its core values centre around healthy living and enjoying life. Its ‘Celebrate Life Every Day’ chorus is written on its office walls and is lived and breathed.

And this is evident throughout Swisse’s journey. It was founded by Kevin Ring, who started formulating and manufacturing vitamin supplements in Melbourne in the 1960s. His son Stephen Ring took over the business, and with then managing director Michael Saba focused on company culture. When current CEO Radek Sali joined Swisse in 2005, the culture was a key attraction that drew him to the role. “It was always really important to me to work with an organisation that had great cultural foundations, and Swisse certainly held those qualities, which made the role all the more appealing,” Radek says.

The culture is an important part of Swisse’s success, Radek explains. Staying true to the company’s values is paramount and is more important than just making profit. “For us, culture is king. You hear many organisations talk about cash being king; we believe that our people create the extraordinary place that is our workplace. People, principles, and passion come before profit at Swisse. If you get the first three Ps right, the fourth one follows; you really need to balance those to be successful in business.

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