Simon Rees, founder and managing director of Australian Sports Nutrition (ASN), lives and breathes his profession. The entrepreneur started the successful sports supplement business in 2002, initially as a hobby with operations conducted from the spare bedroom at his home in Newcastle. He went on to open his first store on the Gold Coast a couple of years later and today has 30 shopfronts across the nation, one overseas, as well as a significant online presence.

ASN prides itself on offering a wide portfolio of high-quality sports and health supplements which are available at a competitive price and sold with the right advice. As the Australian consumer becomes more aware of and interested in the fitness industry, and as the market sector grows, Simon says it pushes him further to stay true to his values and give back to the community that has been so good to him over the years.

“ASN practises what it preaches in this industry,” Simon says. “We are genuinely into the industry. We sponsor over 300 athletes, reaching all different forms of sport, so we give back a lot to the industry. My credit, my integrity, and my brand name are the most important things for me, and that’s what I’ve worked hard for. I think if you focus on that in business, your lifestyle and your financial situation are side effects of that.

“We were first to market in Australia. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing and you’re truthfully attached to it, then I think your business becomes a reflection of your personality. It’s amazing how similar it becomes.”