The print industry is rapidly maturing as technology and consumer knowledge quickly escalate. One company that is identifying and leading these seismic shifts is Lanier Australia. As a provider of unique and customised software and hardware products for Australia’s document and print needs, Lanier has offices in every major capital city and an extensive dealer network across the nation.

The CEO Magazine recently spoke to Lanier Australia’s Managing Director John Hall about his time at the company, the shifts he has seen across the industry, and how Lanier is transforming itself to meet market needs.

“I think it found me, rather than me finding the position.” John stated. “I joined Lanier to start up a finance business for them. I was looking for an opportunity to further my career in finance, and I’d had a few experiences with starting finance businesses before. I enjoy building things, and the opportunity to start a finance business from scratch intrigued me and drew me in.

Not long after setting up that business, an opportunity came up to move into this role, and I took the job.”