In his role as Country President, Nick O’Callaghan collaborates closely with Sodexo Australia’s Country Governance Committee to ensure that it can represent the Australian arm on the global stage and increase its capabilities locally.

“We look at our responsibility across Sodexo’s different business segments in Australia,” Nick says. “These include safety, the development of our people, finding new development opportunities, leveraging our global scale and translating it for the local market, as well as continuing all of our strong corporate social responsibility efforts.”

Nick has been with Sodexo since 2007, and thinks now is the most exciting time for Sodexo in Australia, as it is going through a period of change in response to a changing market. “The transformation of the workplace has been really interesting, and we need to adapt our services to assist with that change — things like increased automation and the effect of advances in the digital world. Clients and consumers are demanding more and more. In response to these changes, we are going through this exciting evolution to transform ourselves. It’s a fundamental transformation; that is about adapting our model to fit this changing market. “We are a significant international business, so we need to take advantage of that scale and expertise globally, and continue to adapt to the Australian market in order for us to grow faster and drive our unique value proposition. Our client base is looking to find efficiencies and wants our support to do that, so we need to be really specific and have an intimate understanding of our clients’ businesses, whatever they may be: whether it’s an educational facility, aged-care facility, offshore rig, prison, head office, retail store, local petrol station, or a huge minesite — they all have different expectations, and we are able to offer a customised solution because of our broad scale and expertise