Shraga Weisman, CEO of Ronson Development, says that an optimistic attitude is something which every leader should possess. “"If you are not optimistic then you are not able to make the best next move because you have to look at the long run,"” he says. "“You have to take calculated risks and be optimistic."

"“When you are running a company, 99 per cent of the employees, even sometimes the management, are just looking at the next quarter or the next month or the next balance sheet. As a leader of the company, you have to look in the long range and, sometimes, really go against the interest of the short term.”"

Shraga joined Ronson in 2008 and has a wide range of experience in the residential, construction, and real estate industries. With such a broad perspective on the nature of the property business, he was well prepared for the leadership role, especially given the challenges he had to face in the early days. "“When I came here, during the Global Financial Crisis, my past gave me more confidence to deal with the tough market,”" he explains. “"The other thing is that most of my experience is from Israel, and Israel is much more competitive than the market that used to be in Poland.”"

“"With this experience we coped with the situation in Poland in an easier way and we started to implement innovative things into our design and development. We took a more innovative approach largely due to my experience from the past. When you have experience, you are not jumping from the roof if the situation is too good, and you are not jumping if it'’s too bad. It'’s all about balance."”