It was one of the technology industry’s biggest announcements of the decade—last year, Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell shared his plan to acquire the publicly-listed IT company EMC, including its subsidiary VMware, for the tidy sum of US$67 billion. The aim? To bring together the industry’s leading innovators and ultimately create a premier end-to-end technology powerhouse.

Aongus Hegarty, Dell’s President of the EMEA region, says the merger—which is expected to be finalised by October 2016—has the potential to deliver much more for customers than ever before.

“I think it’s an interesting acquisition,” he notes. “There are some strong synergies between our two companies. EMC is robust in terms of its larger global customers, an area we are extremely strong in also; however, we have great presence in the lower value mid-market too, with the small-to-medium sized companies. It creates a very good package. It’s a great synergy; the two companies can come together and broaden the portfolio of products and services for our customers. I think it is a very good alignment from a cultural and business perspective.”

While the details are being confirmed over the coming months, Aongus will focus his attention on several other key areas to strengthen operations across the EMEA region. He believes that the industry is moving into a strong period of growth, coming from three key factors: low energy costs, low interest rates and the devaluation of many European currencies. As a reaction to this, Aongus explains that Dell is investing heavily in its solution centres, coverage, tools and capabilities.