G&L Beijer Group is a technology-oriented trading group that operates within the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry. The business is separated as follows: 70 per cent refrigeration, 28 per cent air conditioning, and 2 per cent manufacturing. Beijer Ref, which is part of the G&L Beijer Group, is the largest refrigeration wholesale company in Europe and operates in 26 markets across Europe, Africa, and Asia.

CEO and Managing Director of G&L Beijer Group Per Bertland came into the organisation’s top office in mid-2013 and brought with him a wealth of experience across various industries. “My professional background actually started as a counter for different financial companies throughout Sweden, following my university education.

“Before I came to Beijer, I was working in another listed Swedish company that was also a trading company, but mainly worked with sport products like shoes. For instance, we had distribution for Puma football shoes and actually owned the factory for a while. I came to Beijer about 20 years ago and started here as a CFO. For the last 15 years I’ve been working more on the operational side of the business as the COO. I still have some accounting knowledge in my head, but I haven’t been working in that area for 15 years.”

The G&L Beijer Group has a long history in Sweden that stretches back to 1866 and has since expanded into various parts of Europe, Africa, and, most recently, Asia. “We are a listed company in Sweden and there are a lot of requirements that you have to follow in order to be listed on the Stockholm Exchange. We have a very professional board and a good team here that knows we should fulfil all the requirements needed to be listed—with regard to the information, the internal control, the accounting of the company, the legislation, whatever it is.