Collaboration and communication have been the core components of SPECTA’s success over the past two decades as the company has built its network of clients and suppliers across Europe and Asia. SPECTA has emerged as one of the leaders in industrial packaging in Europe, Russia, and CIS. SPECTA offers a full range of solutions for product protection in transit, comprising automatic strapping equipment, tools, straps, and marking.

With its headquarters and its new, large plant in the central Russian town of Kostroma, SPECTA is investing and developing this quality range of vital products. In CIS, SPECTA is represented by 16 regional offices and service centres, and in Europe by 20 distributors, thus ensuring prompt delivery and service to its array of industrial clients across more than 30 nations.

Erik Helin, founder and CEO of SPECTA, recently sat down with The CEO Magazine to discuss the organisation’s evolution over the past 20 years and the collaborative culture that has defined its relationships with staff, suppliers, and clients.

“I’m an entrepreneur. For me, it all starts from that. My father used to be an entrepreneur so I kind of grew up with that outlook. I always try to create something new. I don’t accept any models or ways of doing things in the past. We could say my passion is to live in the future and to question everything that has been done in the past.”