After working for some of the biggest names in IT such as Dell and F5 Networks, Frank Richmond, Managing Director of Cirrus Networks, found a niche in the market and established his organisation, registering the name and domains five years ago. “"I could see the way that IT was going: the cloud was coming, with SaaS already growing, and everyone was talking about it even then. Cirrus Networks is a solutions integration business that has a cloud play and is developing consumption-based IT for its customers. I registered the domains and the business name in the UK in 2009, but it was very difficult in London to try to set up a business like Cirrus. Coming out to Australia, particularly Western Australia, I saw an opportunity to bring Cirrus to life, and that’s what I did."

“"I incorporated the business here in 2012, and then brought some key staff on board to help grow the business. Grahame Gilson, who has 20 years IT experience, runs our sales operations, and Mark Oliver looks after our technical presales area. Getting the right staff to support what we’re trying to achieve here is key to our success. And we’'ve grown from there."

"“Having resigned from Dell, I joined the business on 1 June 2013 and Grahame joined in August last year. We'’ve grown that sales capability since then with 13 staff in total, and are still growing.”"