As a leading UK-based IT managed services provider, Redcentric supports and assists UK businesses in both the private and public sector as they progress on their journey from traditional technology solutions to a cloud-based approach. Fraser Fisher was appointed as Chief Operating Officer of the business at its inception in 2013, before being made CEO in late 2015. As an experienced business leader in the IT space, he was well equipped to tackle the challenges that would inevitably come with leading a high growth, fast-paced business in an ever-evolving industry.

His professional background has included buying and selling IT companies, and working as the Managing Director of Redstone and Maxima, before which he successfully built, ran and sold 2 of his own businesses ­— Centric Networks Limited, and Netforce Group plc. He says he fell into the career somewhat accidentally, working in the warehouse for a technology company after graduating from university in the 1990s.

He initially saw it as a temporary role — somewhere to stay until he found something different — but fate had a different idea.

Since those early days, Fraser says he has witnessed the IT industry go through much change. “I think more broadly, though, I see it as a bit of a dichotomy,” he continues. “While IT changes quickly, and we’re all aware that IT is moving forward at an ever-increasing rate, it’s also quite circular. If you go back thirty years, technology was delivered to business with huge mainframe data stores and simple terminals; all the data was stored in the centre and it was sometimes being accessed from great distances. Then we went through the client server phase where everything was a bit more local. Now we are back with central storage of data in the cloud and it's all accessed remotely by modern terminals in the form of tablets, phones, and laptops. So although technology changes, it’s a bit circular in the way that it works.