IGEL Technology is a visionary business, in the true sense of the term. Founded by Managing Director Heiko Gloge in the early 90s, it has grown to be a leader in the server-based software and hardware industries, and desktop virtualisation.

Established in Europe, IGEL has since expanded internationally and is growing rapidly in the US and Asia-Pacific. “We are the market leader here in Central Europe, particularly Germany, but also Switzerland,” Heiko explains. “I am also personally very active in the official IT association here in Germany, and we also have our work groups and meetings here in regard to the entire virtualisation.”

Heiko has been in the IT and software industry for a long time, and understands the business intimately.

He is considered by many to be a legend in his industry, after growing IGEL from a small start-up with two staff to a globally recognised business with more than 300 employees.

“My career in the IT industry started roughly 30 years ago as a software developer, so I understand the needs of customers in the software side of the industry,” he says. “I started to build IGEL business activity in 1993 and founded IGEL Technology GmbH in 2001.”

Back in the early 90s, IGEL was acting as more of a distributor than a developer or vendor. “We changed our role in 2000 and decided to move forward with the IGEL Technology GmbH,” Heiko explains. “So that now, in 2016, we have hundreds of staff around the world working in more than 15 locations. We have our own offices in North America, Europe, and the APAC region, focusing our services conservatively in Australia as well in North America and expanding into Asia. Today, we are embedded in the industry.”