Pedab AB has successfully been working as a distributor since 1993. Calling itself a ‘value-added distributor’, the company focuses on partnering with selected vendors and business partners to deliver solutions and services to clients. Pedab has a successful strategy of only working with reputable, quality vendors, such as IBM, Lenovo, Huawei, SAP, and Toshiba—some of the biggest names in the IT industry.

There has been significant innovation and transformation in the industry in recent years, which has not only meant new and exciting ways to meet market and client needs, but also calls for business transformation in the companies serving this market.

The CEO Magazine spoke to Jakob Lagander, CEO of Pedab Sweden, about his leadership in these changing times and how Pedab is adapting to these changes.

Jakob has been in the IT industry his entire career and has seen the changes it has undergone first hand. “I studied business and economics, but also complemented this with IT courses. This was a long time ago, so of course it looks very different today,” Jakob says. Even though his main qualifications weren’t in the IT sector, Jakob’s first job out of university was working for a global IT company.

This role not only set him on his career path in the industry, but taught him invaluable lessons that still serve him well today. “Straight from university, I started off my career as a sales rep at a global IT vendor. It was the perfect place to learn and develop myself; I got a great education and a great experience.