While many family-owned-and-operated businesses are now defunct in the UK, SCC is staying true to its traditional roots as it leads the way in the technology solutions arena. Its mission statement —‘great things happen when we work together ’—aptly defines its existence and what it aspires to be. By planning, supplying, integrating, and managing IT services, SCC is able to provide effective and sustainable results for a customer base of mainly mid- to large-sized companies. The goal is to make IT work for companies so that their operations are enhanced, while delivering long-term profit to invest back into the business and nurturing a network of partners to create enduring value to the client. The organisation has more than 5,000 employees who are dedicated to positively contributing to the IT industry in a way that is personal, valuable, and meaningful, displaying the core SCC values of independence, passion, care, and service excellence.

Second-generation family member James Rigby sits at the helm of SCC today. As CEO, he oversees all aspects of the technology business in the UK, France, Spain, and Romania, working alongside his father Sir Peter Rigby, who is chairman of the group. SCC is a subsidiary of Rigby Group PLC, which was established in 1975. Peter mortgaged his house and took out a £2,000 loan to start the business, which became national within a year and international within three. It now turns over £1.8 billion and has interests in six key divisions: technology, aviation, airports, hotels, property development, and investments.