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Katryna Dow

Photo of Katryna Dow - CEO of Meeco

Meeco offers individuals the power and ability to capture and control their personal data and save to a personal cloud which is part of a private global network. Owning and protecting personal data in a world increasingly devoid of privacy is a vital solution for the modern Australian.

Katryna Dow, Founder and CEO of Meeco, says it’’s a natural response to the evolution of technology. “”I’’m constantly surprised at how many people don’’t realise the impact it has on their lives and how data has become not only a valuable form of currency but almost like our DNA. If people were mindful that their DNA, bank account, or identity was being used they would be more concerned but because it’’s not so transparent they don’t realise the impact. Meeco is a solution for a problem that people are only just starting to recognise.””

“”Our response to big data is, ‘‘small data, big insights’.’ Big Data can be really powerful when used correctly. For instance, when looking at health issues, epidemics, or understanding how to plan a city. There are so many very positive markets for Big Data. One of the challenges is that it tends to be used for more commercial reasons.”

“”When it comes to the individual and where Meeco can make a huge difference is the idea that individuals could have the same ability to analyse, aggregate, understand, and draw insight from data, so they would have the same power as institutions and corporations, except that they would have that on an individual level. They would be just as informed as organisations or governments on their own data and they could decide where to share it and with whom.””

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